Root Chakra Bracelet – Garnet

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Root chakra, Garnet bracelet


Root Chakra Bracelet

Garnet is a stone which relates to the Root Chakra. When worn this Root Chakra Bracelet can enhance the properties of this chakra within you.

The bracelet is made from 4 mm Garnet gem stone beads

Fine silver

Clasp sterling silver

Weighs approximately 5.5 grams

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Our standard bracelet size is 19cm (7.5 inches). We come in all shapes and sizes and know one size does not fit all! If you need a bracelet in a bigger or smaller size, please do contact us at time of order so we can custom supply to you.

To measure your wrist, use a tape measure to measure the actual size snug against your skin and then add 2 cm to this measurement. This will be the size you need for a comfortable fit.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra relates to our sense of security and being grounded. When we are grounded we worry less so keeping our Root Chakra in check can be beneficial in our overall sense of wellbeing. This chakra is also linked to our survival instinct,  money matters and food. Situated at the base of the spine the Root Chakra relates to our physical self. The colour associated with the Root Chakra is Red. The stones which are directly linked to the Root Chakra are Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Hematite, Red Jasper and Black Onyx.

To nourish your Root Chakra red foods such as tomatoes, beetroot and hot spices are beneficial as are all ground growing root vegetables.

More in depth information about the Chakras


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