There is profound symbolism to be found in the simple circle. Skyward we find the sun and moon. The cosmic and celestial. Given in marriage as a continual circle of unity. The infinite circle of love. Other meanings include completeness, wholeness and perfection.

In this collection we embody a sense of play with many fun and quirky designs. Bold statement designs while others are simple and understated.

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  • Ethel Earrings small

    Oval disc earrings, these are pretty with oxidised stamping and lightweight to wear make them fabulous go to jewellery.
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  • Darla Pendant

    A 70's retro vibe and a feel good statement piece.
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  • Evie Necklace

    Easy to wear long length statement necklace
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  • Polly Necklace

    Clasp free long length necklace
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  • Daisy Bracelet

    Disc bead bracelet with flower stamping detail
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  • Daisy Necklace

    Horizontal bar necklace
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  • Gypsy Hoops – available in 3 sizes

    Our Gypsy Hoops are created in our studio in the UK and are handmade from recycled Sterling Silver. They have a subtle hammered finish.
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  • Audrey Pendant

    Inspired by a mix of 70's wallpaper art, Peacock feathers and Art Nouveau design
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  • Audrey Earrings

    The Audrey Earrings are inspired by a mix of 70's wallpaper art, Peacock feathers and Art Nouveau style. Nature is an ever present theme with us as is the occasional nod back to surface patterns of childhood memories.
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  • Esther Pendant

    Tribal hoop pendant
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  • Esther Earrings

    Tribal and classic our Esther Earrings work with so many styles and occasions, making them a versatile addition to your collection.
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  • Eleanor Pendant

    Statement 70's retro vibes
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