Elephant Artworks

The elephant themed artworks are high quality print reproductions beautifully mounted and available within the UK exclusively from Luna Tree. Available in two sizes. They are fantastic hung in small groups or on their own. We also have a limited number of original artworks available at times and fridge magnets too.

We donate 50% of our profits from the sale of our artworks annually to the Save Elephant Foundation. This is the registered charity which funds Elephant Nature Park and other animal protection initiatives in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.

Elephant Nature Park, is a sanctuary for abused and work weary elephants in Thailand. The sanctuary is also home to many other animals; dogs and cats rescued from the meat trade, or strays lost and abandoned. Water buffalo, horses, goats, pigs and cows saved from slaughter and monkeys too rescued from laboratories and illegally trafficked exotic pets. They all  co exist in peace and safety along side the 100+ elephants here.

The Save Elephant Foundation and Elephant Nature Park were both founded by Sangdeun Chailert, known as Lek. She is known as The Elephant Whisperer of Thailand.  Beyond offering sanctuary, Lek and her team work tirelessly to educate and address the working elephant population within Thailand and beyond. Helping to assist elephant camp directors in better practices of engagement with tourists and to enrich the welfare of the elephants in their care.