We have a handy Size Guide to help you get the best when ordering from us.

We take every care to ensure that the pictures and descriptions are representative of each product, but please be aware that all Luna Tree jewellery is handmade and minor variations are inevitable.


All sizes are stated in the individual descriptions alongside each item and are approximate. Please check the information for the different products and their individual size guide information below.


Our ring sizes are all stated as UK sizes. A size guide comparison chart is below for customers outside the UK and include the actual measurements for each size.


Circumference mm


Diameter mm

UK size EU size USA Size
37.8 12.04 A 38 0.5
39.1 12.45 B 39 1
40.4 12.85 C 40 1.5
41.7 13.26 D 42 2
42.9 13.67 E 43 2.5
44.2 14.97 F 44 3
45.5 14.48 G 45 3.5
46.8 14.88 H 47 4
48.0 15.29 I 48 4.5
48.7 15.49 J 49 5
50.0 15.90 K 50 5.5
51.2 16.31 L 51 6
52.5 16.71 M 52 6.5
53.8 17.12 N 54 7
55.1 17.53 O 55 7.5
56.3 17.93 P 56 8
57.6 18.34 Q 58 8.5
58.9 18.75 R 59 9
60.2 19.15 S 60 9.5
61.4 19.56 T 61 10
62.7 19.96 U 63 10.5
64.0 20.37 V 64 11
65.3 20.78 W 65 11.5
66.6 21.18 X 67 12
67.8 21.59 Y 68 12.5
68.5 21.79 Z 69 13

A correctly fitting ring will not be too loose or tight and ideally should no longer be felt on your finger after initially putting it on.

Thicker ring bands will spread the finger tissue more than a thinner band and we recommend going up a ring size for wider band styles.

Similarly, if you stack several rings together on the same finger, a larger and looser fit closer to your hand, while a slightly smaller size ring further away from your hand at the top of the stack will hold the other rings in place and retain comfort whilst worn.

Temperature will swell hands and fingers in warmer weather while the cold will contract them. Summer statement rings may be looser during winter months, while other favourite pieces may need to be worn on other fingers during holidays in the sun. Our fingers are also smaller in the morning and larger in the evening too, so do bare this in mind when choosing to take your measurements. Your dominant hand tends to be bigger too.

How to measure your ring size

The chart above has the inside circumference and diameter measurements for each ring size. If you have an existing ring measuring the inside diameter is the simplest way to find its size. Alternatively, using a ring sizer on your fingers will also give you your correct size.

A little like how Goldilocks likes her porridge, measure your fingers when they are not too hot nor too cold, but just about right in the middle of these extremes.

To measure your finger to find your ring size we recommend using a thin strip of paper, similar in width to a ring band. Due to the natural displacement of the finger tissue beneath your skin this will give a more accurate measurement than using something thinner, such as a piece of string or cotton. Mark the point on the paper strip where the overlap happens then lay flat against a ruler to measure this length. Check your measurement against our chart and pick the closest for your size.

If your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, measure both and choose a size between them.

We recommend repeating this process with fresh paper strips several times to ensure an accurate as possible measurement and size choice is made.

If you are between sizes it is always advisable to go up a ring size.

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Our standard necklace sizes are 40cm (16 inches) and 45 cm (18 inches) with length options available with each piece.

Specific requests for neck lengths longer or shorter than ones listed, please contact us so we can custom supply to you.

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Our standard bracelet size is 19cm (7.5 inches). We come in all shapes and sizes and know one size does not fit all! If you need a bracelet in a bigger or smaller size, please do contact us so we can custom supply to you.

To measure your wrist, use a tape measure to measure the actual size snug against your skin and then add 2 cm to this measurement. This will be the size you need for a comfortable fit.

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