Elephant Spirit Rings

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Celebrating these magnificent animals


The Luna Tree Elephant Spirit Rings are firm favourites with our customers and Best Sellers.

They have been created from a synthetic wire inside a silver ring. The silver is wrapped around this wire to create the ring.

This wire is symbolic of elephant hair.

Outdated traditions

Elephant hair was traditionally used to create woven rings and bracelets which were then given as gifts to signify good luck.

However, this practice is very cruel to elephants. Tail hair and even their eye lashes were taken to make tourist trinkets across Africa and Asia. Elephants need their tail hairs to help swish flies and bugs away and eyelashes to protect their sensitive eyes.

Sadly, these hairs also never grow back.

We can now celebrate the elephant and choose to do so in an ethical way which does them no harm.

Great stacked in 2’s or 3’s or teamed with other rings.

The smaller sizes are wonderful worn as ‘Midi Rings’, worn between the top and middle knuckles.

Fine Silver 3mm wide

Why not team your Elephant Spirit rings with our Elephant Spirit Earrings


1 review for Elephant Spirit Rings

  1. horsygirluk (verified owner)

    I love these, only got two as realized if I was to ‘triple’ like in picture would mean taking off my other rings to accommodate for them but doubled was ‘easy’

    I love people comments on them and love how they’re small and so don’t over power outfits or ‘get in the way/catch’

    As I only have two I often mix them going from them under each other OR have another ring in the middle of them.

    I’ve also looked up the tribe and their story is really interesting.

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