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  • Erica Necklace

    Contemporary glamour with clean lines and light reflective sparkle.
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  • Audrey Pendant

    Inspired by a mix of 70's wallpaper art, Peacock feathers and Art Nouveau design
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  • Audrey Earrings

    The Audrey Earrings are inspired by a mix of 70's wallpaper art, Peacock feathers and Art Nouveau style. Nature is an ever present theme with us as is the occasional nod back to surface patterns of childhood memories.
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  • Eleanor Pendant

    Statement 70's retro vibes
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  • Eleanor Earrings

    Handcrafted from fused circular sections of fine silver. These earrings are inspired by 1970's surface pattern design and childhood memories.  Dramatic yet elegant and classically simple; statement jewellery at it’s finest.
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  • Ripley Pendant

    The textured, brush finish catches the light beautifully
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  • Robin Ring

    A ridged band that sparkles in the light
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  • Ripley Ring

    Glamorous, contemporary and 70's inspired
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  • Scarlet Stud Earrings

    Simple sophistication and understated elegance
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  • Mercy Pendant

    Crisp clean lines of the geometric spiral design
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  • Mercy Earrings

    Simple geometrics create a striking and bold earring which will take you from day statement through to evening wear.
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  • Missy Bracelet

    Classically elegant, smooth lozenge shaped beaded bracelet
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