long earrings

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  • Echo Earrings Long

    Crisp clean lines to frame your face and add that air of sophistication and elegance to any occasion. Striking simplicity.
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  • Deena Earrings

    The Spiral is an ancient and sacred symbol that represents the journey and change of life as it unfolds. It is also one of the oldest patterns created by humans.
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  • Trinity Earrings

    Celtic spirals, symbolic of our life journey and the constant flow of change and development are honoured in the Trinity Earrings.
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  • Adele Earrings

    A Celtic, tribal feel is married with a contemporary vibe in the Adele earrings.
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  • Maggie Earrings

    Inspired by water, the fluidity of its movement is captured in the wavy design. Earrings which are both elegant and interesting; they will add style and grace to your day and take you right though to evening. Effortlessly.
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  • Liberty Earrings

    The Liberty Earrings are elegantly shaped to flatter and elongate the face.
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