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  • Maggie Pendant

    Water inspired pendant
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  • Audrey Pendant

    Inspired by a mix of 70's wallpaper art, Peacock feathers and Art Nouveau design
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  • Eleanor Pendant

    Statement 70's retro vibes
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  • Ripley Pendant

    The textured, brush finish catches the light beautifully
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  • Mercy Pendant – 35% off pendant

    Crisp clean lines of the geometric spiral design
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  • Nerissa Star Pendant

    Inspired by rock pool starfish from long summer seaside days.
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  • Hope Pendant

    Origami originates from ancient Japan and we pay homage to this ancient form of paper folding with this design
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  • Freya Necklace

    Circular statement necklace with dainty stamped detail
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  • Inanna Necklace

    A powerful statement piece to channel your inner goddess.
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  • Eos Necklace

    Armour plating for the modern woman
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  • Inanna Pendant

    Quirky and unique statement jewellery
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  • Jacquie Pendant

    Minimalist and tactile jewellery
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